About us

Lonely Vineyard was founded by Michael Schreurs and Karina Ouwens in order to produce beautiful, individualistic wines from special sites in Eden Valley, South Australia. The warm, dry days and cold nights combined with the unique soils and microclimates within the region allow them to make wines of great finesse from their two favourite varieties – Shiraz and Riesling. In 2012 we added Montepulciano to our repertoire, an exciting varietal of Italian heritage that is new to the Eden Valley region.

Michael Schreurs

Michael has an extensive history in the Australian wine industry, having worked as winemaker at Seppelts Great Western Winery for three years, followed by six years at Henschke in Eden Valley and, since 2009, as winemaker at The Lane Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.  Other stints in Burgundy, the Rhone, the US and Spain complement this experience. His winemaking philosophy is one of minimal intervention, allowing the wines to reflect the land from which they were grown. He is widely regarded as a grumpy recluse, although can be coaxed into conversations involving sport, cats and hair replacement technology.

Amalia Schreurs

Amalia hasn't quite graduated onto wine yet, but enjoys grapes and can hoover a box of sultanas in record time. She has already developed extensive pigeage skills, although randomly sounding the forklift horn is her most popular popular winery pastime. Does a passable impersonation of Mr Grunty in exchange for chocolate freckles.


Karina Ouwens

Karina is the brains of the operation, with experience as a commercial lawyer based in Adelaide. Her wine experience was largely limited to visiting cellar sales and drinking it with meals, until meeting Michael in 2004. She quickly realised his passion for making great wines was far greater than his ability to work to a budget and wisely relieved him of this task so that one day they may sell some wine.

Eloise and Jack Schreurs

After many trials, twins Eloise and Jack joined us in late 2012, at which point it became evident that the trials were only just beginning. One tall and one not so, one curly and one straight, they are easy to tell apart, even at high speed. Boundlessly energetic and dangerously mobile, they love laughing, playing, painting Kevin with glue and breaking things. Especially things like cases of 2010 Mount Edelstone…


Kevin is a good cat and crafty escape artist who is happy to welcome all guests in our lives. A notable exception to his disposition is Michael, whom he regards as an intermittent scratching post, and otherwise treats with the contempt he deserves. As cats do.

The Chickens

Our lovely tame flock of chickens enjoy free-ranging about the property, often destroying Michael's vegetables, Karina's flowers and Kevin's breakfast in a single session – this is the price of eggs, after all. If you visit be warned – they are quietly watching your every move, waiting for the moment you turn your back on your plate, upon which it will be attacked en masse, with no prisoners taken.

Mr Grunty

Mr Grunty, our resident koala, spends ten months per year quietly sleeping, eating gum leaves, and observing life below. This changes during the 'action months' when our rural tranquillity is pierced by regular bouts of horrible grunting sounds, thus far terrifying visitors from as far afield as England, Japan, Spain and Mooroolbark, alongside pretty much anyone else not familiar with the dulcet tones of randy koala song.